Dental Sealants in Humble, TX

Do you want to make sure yours and your loved one’s teeth are as protected as possible? Interested in dental sealant in 77338? At Royal Dental, we believe the prevention is one of the most important parts of dental care which is why we recommend dental sealants to most of our patients. Dental sealants can be a great option for children and even adults that are prone to dental decay and cavities.

Our Humble Dental Sealant Treatment

Did you know that your teeth aren’t flat? Most people’s teeth actually have grooves, pits, and depressions that are the perfect area for food debris, bacteria and even plaque to hideout. Dental sealants are safe, healthy and effective plastic which can be applied to the teeth to create a barrier, stopping these depressions, grooves, and pits from filling with debris, bacteria, and plaque. The barrier dental sealants create also make it easier to properly and thoroughly brush teeth.

The process for getting dental sealants is also extremely quick, comfortable and painless. During your dental sealant treatment:

  • Your teeth will be thoroughly cleaned.
  • Your dentist will apply the clear sealant to each of your teeth.
  • A special light will be used to harden the dental sealant.
  • Once the dental sealant has hardened, a protective barrier has been created.

With proper dental care and oral hygiene, dental sealants can provide protection for many years. During your routine dental visits, your dentist can check to make sure your sealants are in good condition and still providing protection.

Dental Sealant Humble, Texas

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