Dentures in Humble, TX

Are you missing some, most or all of your teeth in an arch (top or bottom)? Interested in restoring the appearance and function of your smile? At Royal Dental we are proud to offer both complete dentures and partial dentures depending on your exact needs and smile goals.

Complete Dentures

For patients that are missing an entire arch of teeth (whether it be top or bottom) our full dentures in Humble, TX can be the perfect option. Designed to look just like a natural smile, our complete dentures will improve your appearance while improving your ability to speak and even eat your favorite foods.

Partial Dentures

For patients that are only missing some of their teeth in an arch, our partial dentures in Humble, TX can be a great option. Our partial dentures are designed to match with your natural smile and can stop other teeth from shifting while improving appearance and ability to eat and speak.

Benefits of Our Dentures in Humble, TX

  • Improve overall appearance
  • Improve the look of your smile
  • Makes the face appear fuller
  • Affordable restorative option
  • Removable and easy to clean
  • Improved speech
  • Improved ability to eat

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