TMJ Treatment in Humble, TX

Do you experience pain when chewing or yawning? Ever hear a clicking or popping in your jaw? Think you may need TMJ therapy in Humble, TX? At Royal Dental we understand how uncomfortable life with TMD (temporomandibular disorders) can be, which is why we are proud to provide various TMJ treatments near you. Wondering if you may have TMJ in Kingwood, TX? Here are some common signs you may need TMJ treatment in Humble, TX:

  • Pain when you chew, yawn or stretch your mouth
  • Jaw, neck or face discomfort
  • Limited movement of jaw or lockjaw
  • Clicking or popping in the jaw

TMJ Treatment Near You

Think you may need a TMJ dentist in Humble? If you think you may be experiencing TMJ problems, it is important to begin treatment. TMJ can not only put a damper on life, but it can also lead to dental complications. At Royal Dental we offer physical therapy for TMJ, mouthguards, bite splints and in certain situations TMJ surgery. We will thoroughly discuss all of your options so that you can make the best decision in terms of care.

Benefits of TMJ Treatment Humble, TX

  • Increased movement of the jaw
  • Decreased risk of lockjaw
  • Decreased risk of dental damage
  • Decreased risk of a headache
  • Reduced discomfort in jaw, neck, and face
  • Reduced pain when chewing, yawning or stretching mouth
  • Reduced clicking and popping of the jaw

Visit Our TMJ Dentist in Humble, TX

Experiencing TMJ pain near Houston, TX? Tired of the uncomfortable symptoms caused by your TMD? Think you may need TMJ treatment in 77338? Schedule an appointment with Royal Dental today; we’d be happy to start your TMJ treatment in Humble, TX.

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